Genius HS-G500V Vibrating Gaming Headset


Genius HS-G500V Vibrating Gaming Headset

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Key Features:

    Vibration function with ergonomic design
    In-line volume, vibration control and microphone mute function
    Leather headband provides comfortable wear
    Great for MSN, SKYPE or Internet chatting

    More Information
    Genius introduces the HS-G500V, a gaming headset with a vibration function that’s great for on-line games. The ergonomic head-band design features a leather-like sponge that makes it comfortable for long time usage. The vibration function is powered by a USB port from a PC and makes playing games a lot of fun. The microphone can be adjusted to the perfect angle so your voice is always clear. And the in-line volume control lets you adjust the volume easily. Also, for convenience, you can adjust vibration strength on the in-line control box.